Ride to the Rhythm: Introducing Rhythm Cycle with Lisa Tankanow!

Spinning enthusiasts at Mike’s Fitness, we’ve got exciting news! We’re rebranding our beloved spinning class with a name that truly embodies the spirit of the experience – Rhythm Ride. For those of you who’ve conquered our climbs and sprinted through our intervals, rest assured; the core of the class remains unchanged. Rhythm Ride is designed for the seasoned spinner, serving up a cocktail of intense intervals, challenging hills, and swift sprints. And, for those who dare to dial up the resistance, we’ve packed in heavy climbs and robust resistance work to test your endurance. One of the defining features of this class? The music. Every pedal, every climb, every sprint – they’re all in tune with the beat.

But what really sets Rhythm Ride Cycle apart is the person leading the charge. We caught up with Lisa Tankanow, the maestro behind the rhythm, to delve deeper into her spinning journey and understand the magic she brings to every class.

Interview with Lisa Tankanow:

How did you first dive into Spinning, and what got you hooked?

I first started spinning when I was in college at BU. After college, I moved to Israel and kept spinning – even taking classes in Hebrew! When I returned to Boston, I began spinning at Mike’s Fitness. I’m enamored with the energy of a spinning class and the music. The post-spin class feeling? Unbeatable!

What vibe or experience are you trying to bring to our attendees in every class?

I aim for my spin classes to be a comfortable and fun experience. The music holds paramount importance for me. It’s heartening when attendees sing along or really get into the groove. I want this 45-minute session to be an escape from reality, offering an exhilarating workout. And while I keep elements of surprise, there’s always a high likelihood of enduring multiple heavy climbs.

On the tough days when working out feels like a task, what keeps you going?

There are moments when I doubt my capability to instruct, but the camaraderie with members and the initial beats of the first song rejuvenate my spirit.

Talk to us about your playlists. What's the secret sauce behind them?

Crafting playlists is an intricate process for me, spanning the entire week leading up to the class. Songs are strategically placed to invoke specific emotions. I opt for tunes that resonate with attendees and bring smiles. The rhythm is crucial. Expect unexpected tracks; if the rhythm’s right, it’s playlist material!

“Crafting playlists is an intricate process for me… I opt for tunes that resonate with attendees and bring smiles. Expect unexpected tracks; if the rhythm’s right, it’s playlist material!”

- Lisa Tankanow

Any advice for spinning newcomers?

Spinning might appear daunting, but we’ve all been novices once. There’s an epiphanic moment in spinning when everything clicks – that’s when the workout truly shines.

Being a Social Worker and specializing in Child and Family Law – that's intense! How do you juggle that with your Spin passion?

Spinning truly acts as my balance. I eagerly anticipate every Thursday night class.

Do you feel Spinning plays a role in keeping your sanity, especially with such a high-pressure job?

Absolutely, 100%.

Any hurdles you've faced as an instructor? How'd you get past them?

It can be disheartening when few sign up. But I persevere. Whether there are 3 or 10 participants, every class is invaluable.

Got any class moments that are unforgettable? Would love to hear a story or two.

Amidst the pandemic, we took our spinning outdoors. One evening, as rain poured, none stopped. With music echoing, the rain couldn’t deter us. A truly memorable session!

What's the future look like for your Spinning classes at Mike’s Fitness?

I envision a burgeoning spinning program at Mike’s Fitness. It’s our vibrant members who infuse life and zest into each class!


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