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All of Mike’s Fitness Programs require a 100% team effort – Our professionals are excited to join your team and support you in achieving your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. You pick the fitness program, we commit to doing the rest!


Mike’s has the most knowledgeable, innovative, and results-driven coaches in the business. Sign up for our One on One Programs and experience Accountability, Motivation, and Inspiration you have only dreamt about.

Our Trainers Personally Guarantee To:

  • Push Your Fitness Limits with each Workout
  • Help You Establish and Meet Your Fitness Goals


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Mike’s Fitness offers state-of-the-art TRX suspension training. Our members of all fitness levels have leveraged the power of gravity and body weight to build strength, balance, and flexibility. With TRX training, you are guaranteed a core-focused, total body workout every time!

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Join our Team! Our workouts are a blast, training as a team not only builds strength and flexibility – but also trust and lasting friendships! Let our team trainers and coaches challenge you in a high energy setting that burns fat, increases metabolism, and builds muscle.

No matter what your current fitness level, our team trainings provide a full body workout in a fun, exciting, and uplifting environment!

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