Mike’s Fitness is the FINEST independently owned health club in Boston. Our state-of-the-art facility in Jamaica Plan is conveniently located at the Samuel Adams Brewery Complex and just one block from Stony Brook T-Station.

1-617-524-6357 284 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
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Meet Our Coaches


Marcus Smith

Born and raised in Boston. I have a sports background. My approach to fitness is conditioning , high-intensity functional training that can be used in everyday life. My training incorporates a variety of methods from body weight to bands to free weights. I like for clients to connect mind and body and enjoy the gym to get the most out of it.

Teagan Langseth-DePaolis

Teagan moved to Boston at the beginning of 2022 from Los Angeles, where she lived for 5 years and studied at Occidental College as a Politics Major. When she is not in the gym, Teagan is a Legal Assistant and loves hiking, climbing, exploring new restaurants and breweries, and cooking. Teagan chose to become a personal trainer because she has found that the gym is where she is happiest, and wants to share that joy with her community. She enthusiastically believes in the power of exercise to change lives for the better, and hopes to get to know lots of Mikes members throughout her time here.

Cheidy Meneide

Hi everyone my name is Cheidy, and my goal at Mike's Fitness is to facilitate your best self. My approach to fitness is fueled by my passion, directed by science, and tempered by over a decade of experience in physical fitness; every single movement is carefully selected to bring you towards your goals in the most direct and sustainable way possible. Whether your desire is forming the habit of consistency, finding a way to train without pain or injury, getting your first unassisted pull-up, or building the confidence and expertise to use the squat rack without fear; I'm your man. I firmly believe that the gym is for everyone, and I will never back away from a chance to help you pursue what is meaningful to you. The best time to start your journey is now. I'm ready to show up for you, now you just have to show up for yourself. I encourage you to book a free movement assessment with me, and take the first step towards the person you know you could be. Let's get after it.

Personal Trainer Kate McNally

Kate McNally

As a trainer Kate likes to take a holistic approach, striving to carefully match a client’s personality and goals to their program. Specializing in body composition change and endurance training, Kate is prepared to use a wide variety of training styles to fit her client’s goals.

Personal Coach Tyler McGaffigan

Tyler McGaffigan

Specialist in muscle building and total body transformations. I've been helping people reach their goals since getting certified in 2007 and loved doing so ever since! I have a bodybuilding and nutrition background but also study powerlifting, kettlebells and kinesiology extensively. Born JP native and recently returned after spending some time in the Lowell and Bedford MA areas. Love training at Mike's, helping build and better our community through health and strength!

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