Mike’s Fitness is the FINEST independently owned health club in Boston. Our state-of-the-art facility in Jamaica Plan is conveniently located at the Samuel Adams Brewery Complex and just one block from Stony Brook T-Station.

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Coach Tyler showing some moves on the TRX

Meet the MJFP Coaches

Meet Our Coaches


Jade Wilkins

A good coach is both a fitness professional and provides the motivation you need. A coach is extremely important to your fitness success. Regardless of your ability to remain motivated a coach can take your workouts to another level. Psychologically, people react and push themselves in different ways when they know that someone is watching them. If that someone happens to be your coach your workout will always be more intense than anything you will do on your own!

Personal Coach Luis Yzusqui

Luis Yzusqui

I’m 25 years old, from Peru but raised in Miami from the age of 6 and have been living in Jamaica Plain for the past 4.5 years. I have a huge passion for sports, fitness, and anything related with human movement. Sports is poetry in motion, and one of the most honest forms of human interaction. Every movement is calculated yet extremely fluid due to the amount of repetition and work put in the gym.

Personal Trainer Kate McNally

Kate McNally

As a trainer Kate likes to take a holistic approach, striving to carefully match a client’s personality and goals to their program. Specializing in body composition change and endurance training, Kate is prepared to use a wide variety of training styles to fit her client’s goals.

Personal Coach Justice Williams

Justice Williams

Justice Roe Williams is a published poet originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey. He is a founding Director of BodyImage4Justice (BI4J), an holistic wellness and fitness program for the LGBTQ community that primarily focuses on Trans Bodies. Prior to his work at BI4J, Justice organized youth in the South End, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and Roxbury areas of Boston.

Personal Coach Genevieve Arndt

Genevieve Arndt

Finding inspiration can be a tricky business, a coach needs to find that flame of interest that lives inside all of us. Nurture it, provide it with the oxygen it needs to grow. A good coach will discover and uncover that interest and help you discover your true potential.

Personal Coach Tyler McGaffigan

Tyler McGaffigan

Specialist in muscle building and total body transformations. I've been helping people reach their goals since getting certified in 2007 and loved doing so ever since! I have a bodybuilding and nutrition background but also study powerlifting, kettlebells and kinesiology extensively. Born JP native and recently returned after spending some time in the Lowell and Bedford MA areas. Love training at Mike's, helping build and better our community through health and strength!

Ben Rosner Personal Trainer

Ben Rosner

I’m an ACE personal trainer who specializes in weightlifting, powerlifting, boxing, and other sport specific strength and conditioning. I utilize a combination of barbell, kettlebells, free-weights and “old school” techniques to help people consistently strive towards becoming stronger and fitter than they were yesterday. I’ve worked at Harvard University for over a year as Personal Trainer and have extensive knowledge regarding rehabilitation, as I have previously worked as a student physical therapist for over 500 hours in multiple clinics around Boston and in the North-East. As a result, I’ve worked with an array of clients from marathon runners training for the Boston Marathon, D1 athletes in Field Hockey, and to individuals who are looking to get back into shape from post-op hip and knee surgeries.

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