Try a Class

Jim West, our group exercise director, will answer all of your questions
about the best class for you. Contact Jim West at

  1. Check the class schedule and see if the class you want to take is the right level for you to take. Beginner, All levels, Intermediate and Advanced are all noted on the class schedule.
  2. Arrive early and ask the front desk if you need to sign up for class.
  3. You should always tell the Instructor if your new or never taken this type of class before.
  4. If you are having trouble following the class or keeping up let the instructor know and follow their modifications.
  5. Never leave the class without cooling down and letting the instructor know.
  6. Bring some water a towel and wear comfy clothes and good athletic shoes.

If you’re not a member, simply fill out the form to receive your complimentary class pass! For first time, local guests.



Try A Class