Luis Yzusqui

“No perfect people allowed”

Favorite Sport: Basketball

I’m 25 years old, from Peru but raised in Miami from the age of 6 and have been living in Jamaica Plain for the past 4.5 years. I have a huge passion for sports, fitness, and anything related with human movement. Sports is poetry in motion, and one of the most honest forms of human interaction. Every movement is calculated yet extremely fluid due to the amount of repetition and work put in the gym.

This is the goal with everyone of my clients, to find the right combination of strength and flexibility in order to achieve their ambitions.

I have a deep understanding in bio mechanics and strength training development. I’ve had the privilege to train general population, and amateur athletes. My love for fitness runs deep and I would love to have a chance to improve, learn, help, empower, and share my knowledge, with as many people as possible.

The empowerment of every being is important and working out is just another tool for this.

  • ISSA certified trainer
  • FMS level 2 specialist
  • Currently working on ISSA strength conditioning certification.

Why train with a coach: Keeps you accountable and it’s therapeutic. You will learn to lift and to understand your body better. It makes reaching your goals attainable. You will get strong.


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