Kim Keown

After being an athlete since childhood Kim Keown had the desire to connect the physical with the emotional and spiritual aspects of herself. She turned to Yoga and mindfulness meditation with a Kripalu yoga teacher for 7 years and then studied with a Mahayana yoga teacher for 10 years. Her Yoga teaching certificate came from Sivanada.

Kim then journeyed with her daughter, to what is now called The Circus Center in San Francisco where she studied Aerial Arts, Acrobatics and Clowning. Upon returning to Boston she continued to teach Yoga and Circus Arts in the Boston Area. She also works at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design part time.

In 2004 she was a passenger in a head on collision. Doctors told her that because she was in such good physical shape, she was likely to make a full recovery from her painful injuries. She used what she knew of Yoga to make that recovery and now she shares not only the knowledge of how to stay in physical shape with proper body alignment, but how to heal from injury, manage pain, deal with hereditary conditions, and age with grace.

Kim continues to study keeping up with the latest research in Yoga and mindfulness activities such as meditation, Qi Gong, Alexander Technique, Reiki, and more.

Yoga with Kim
Taught Wednesday & Friday 9am

This class focuses on proper alignment in the postures and core strength while simultaneously improving flexibility and balance. All levels are welcome including beginners, people coming back to yoga after a long break or later in life, people healing from injuries(after doctor clears the activity,) and people interested in relaxation & meditation. It is also good for those who have a more vigorous practice and want to slow down and learn each posture properly or athletes who need to work on alignment and relaxing their muscles.

Kim teaches body awareness in the postures to prevent injuries. She will focus each class for the students present and build upon what they already know. Her students learn the process of relaxation and proper engagement in the postures for the release of tension and uninterrupted energy flow throughout the body.

Kim has knowledge of Qui Gong, Alexander and other release techniques, performance and circus, and healing arts such as Reiki. She approaches yoga as a disciplined meditation teaching inner focus. She teaches and encourages mindfulness throughout the practice with pain management technique if necessary.

Expect to feel relaxed afterward.