It’s time to stop fearing failure

Athlete. Have you ever stopped yourself doing something just because you’re scared you’ll fail? IMG_9478The thought of not making it means you never even try? Well, you need to know this: If you really want to succeed, it’s time to stop letting failure hold you back. Because it’s going to happen. Your success will depend on how you deal with it.

Failure is a test, there to see if you really want it bad enough. The bigger the dream, the bigger the test. It doesn’t mean you have to give up. If you want to master something, you’re going to fail a few times along the way. So embrace it. Because it means you are one step closer to succeeding. This is what to tell yourself, to help you stop fearing failure.

  1. Never think failure means to end without success.
    Most people see failure as an ending. Their plan didn’t work, so they give up. The end. What you should tell yourself: Failure never means the end of anything. It’s the start of something new. The ability to start again. Better. A new way to master a skill or a stepping-stone. The only way to get from where you currently are to where you want to be. You’re going to have to come across it to get to the other side.
  2. You’re wrong to think if you’ve failed, you shouldn’t have started in the first place.
    Just because you fail, never think the project you took on was a bad idea. Like you never even should have started it.
    What you should tell yourself: The reason you may have failed is because you took a risk. Keep this in mind: If you take no risks, there will be no rewards. Nothing great ever came from comfort zones.
  3. Failure doesn’t mean you didn’t try hard enough.
    If you fail at something, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most likely that you didn’t try hard enough.
    What you should tell yourself: In many cases, it’s the opposite. Failure shows how hard you’ve tried. If you haven’t failed yet, chances are you’re not trying hard enough. It’s proof of your determination.
  4. You’re not weak if you fail.
    Most people think it’s a case of whether you’re strong or weak that determines failure.
    What you should tell yourself: Strength has nothing to do with it. No matter how strong you are, there is a point where everyone will fall. What proves your strength is how fast you get back up.
  5. Use failure as a tool.
    Failure is mostly just seen as something bad that happens. There’s nothing you can learn from it.
    What you should tell yourself:
    If you take failure to heart, you’re going to give up pretty quickly. If you want to succeed, you have to use it as a tool. Ask yourself “what did I do wrong?” and “how can I be better next time”. Only then can you move forward.

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