Dexter Bidot

“This is not NASA. Failure is always an option. Refusing to fail is the cause of most injury. Learning when to stop is far more important than learning when to push”

I specialize in movement patterns and movement competency. The human body is designed to move in certain patterns and moves in specific ways. As we age and acquire various injuries, we lose the ability to move effectively. I do not give generic workouts. I will give you what you need. There are more important responsibilities required of a fitness professional other than simply making someone sweat. Sweating while flailing around just compounds injury and is incredibly ineffective

My main clientele are athletes and advanced weight lifters. I will teach you to understand your body; improve stability and mobility, generate more speed, power and strength than you thought possible.

ISSA Certified
NSCA certified
Certified Functional Strength Coach Level I (functional strength for general population)
Certified Functional Strength Coach Level II (functional strength for athletes)

Favorite Sport:
Collegiate Wrestling


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